Mini French Muffin Perfections | Yum Yum

Mini French Muffin Perfections | Yum Yum

So the summer is here and I really do wish you a lot of beautiful evenings, spent in the garden, taking advantage over the stunning sunsets. I am saying I wish you, as you never know with this British weather. If you don’t live on the British Isles you are probably more likely to have the gorgeous weather guaranteed! But hey ho, we must make the most with what we’ve got, right?

We have tried to have a BBQ twice in recent months – only twice as we took nearly the month of June off to travel – and both occasions involved taking the brollies out! Yeah, you heard me right! As one of our friends once said, it would not be a good British BBQ without some rain.  Planning my little parties, I was going through the internet for some light BBQ food inspiration and came across this very interesting puff pastry muffins. I did, as I usually do, amend the recipe ever so slightly.

These were very well received by my guests, so I thought I would share a recipe with you 🙂 

I must say these little babies of yumminess, took me right back to the South of France where, last year, we were stuffing our faces with mini quiches and French pies. Ahhh sweet memories……

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