Queen of all Temples | Our Angkor Wat Adventure Guide

Queen of all Temples | Our Angkor Wat Adventure Guide

Every travel itinerary in Cambodia must, by all means, contain Siem Reap and the amazing Temples of Angkor. It is yet another UNESCO protected area and for some the most impressive and memorable of all Southeast Asia’s ancient sites. You can tell by the intro that our hopes and expectations were really high regarding this adventure 🙂 We did not even bother ourselves with the typical budget minded question of buying a one day – 37$, 3 day – 62$  and 7 day- $72 pass. We wanted to see it all and spent as much time as possible in this place but did not have quote as much time as a whole week. 

Adventure! Why visit Angkor

Well there is many reasons but to us main ones are: 

  1. Bucket list experience – who does not have it on their list? 
  2. Experience a very magical and spectacular sunrise with most iconic ancient skyline – lotus lake to the front of Angkor Wat is the place to be
  3. It’s home to impressive architecture, some dating as far back as 12th century
  4. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site – and rightly so as it represents an important part of Khmer Empire history
  5. It’s got some amazing art – you can find almost 2,000 carvings of apsara – celestial female spirits – on its walls, alongside other detailed etchings of Hindu and Buddhist myths. Play an explorer and try to find them all. 
  6. It’s easy to get off the beaten track  – the whole complex is located on 163 hectares (1,626,000 m2; 402 acres) of land. You can cycle around for days and still find new places of interest. 
  7. It will leave you amazed and thinking about it for years.

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