Photography has been Tom’s passion for a while now. Like with most things in life, he got addicted to it thanks to a friend of his. He has done many different types of photography – some portraits and weddings as well as charity photography with animals.

It all involved a lot of self-discipline to learn all the ins and outs of his DSLR and photo processing tools, but the real test of his skills are the times when we travel. This is when he has these amazing opportunities to capture nature, wildlife and people in some rare situations, poses, moods and backgrounds.


Photo: Red Dzao woman, Sapa Market in Vietnam. This photo won Tom, BIG PICTURE photo of the week award by the Telegraph UK.

Some can be captured only once and look very unique. And some are very challenging to photograph as there are millions of amazing shots of them online. These are the iconic landmarks such as Taj Mahal,  Iguazu Falls  or Angkor Wat.


Photo: Petronas Towers in KL

Have a look at his travel photo gallery and get in touch if you are interested in any of them.