Our Top Snorkeling Spots in Seychelles

Our Top Snorkeling Spots in Seychelles

We all have this feeling of longing for the beach once in a while, or if you are anything like me it’s all the time! I love tropical weather, the sand between my toes and turquoise warm clear waters I could just stay in all day long! That is me, dreaming, but for some it’s a daily routine. Ah those lucky people who don’t live in the UK or any cold-ish European country for that matter. I cannot complain though as we have been to some amazing places all over the world and we have seen some many so-called paradise islands and beaches. Would that make me an expert? Hardly say so. I just know what we like and Seychelles (and snorkeling spots in Seychelles) we DEFINITELY liked. Full stop.

Why go to Seychelles

If you have never heard of Seychelles ( I really doubt it but who knows!), it is an archipelago of 115 islands located in the Indian Ocean, off East African coast. They are pretty popular all year round as Seychelles weather is fantastic, they don’t suffer from long monsoons, hurricanes etc. and have warm temperature always stay around 30C and above. With its spectacular marine flora and fauna, the islands rank on the top of the lists for best beach holiday destinations around the world. They are also very well-known for its diving and snorkeling experiences.

We were super excited about the later as it had been ages since our last island hopping experience. Was it better than say snorkel we did in and around Malaysia (#shoutout to Perhentian Islands!!!), Great Barrier Reef or even Red Sea (Love Dahab!)? Sadly not, but I still think it was an amazing experience overall due to the laid back atmosphere of the islands and stunning scenery. I know what you are thinking now – EXPENSIVE! Well, it is definitely not a poor-backpacker friendly place but definitely the trip would be cheaper than Maledives, as in Seychelles you can find some decent budget accommodation.

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