The Everyday

“If traveling was free, you’d never see me again.” – reads a famous quote.  That is the reality of things and there is always the everyday life in between.  

When we don’t travel we like to go back to the places we visited by re-creating our favourite dishes and snacks we tried all over the world.

We both LOVE to travel, Tom has the photography and I have my passion for cooking which has really grown on me with all the travels we’ve done. I love cooking Italian and Thai food and could probably eat either every day. From time to time I like to go back to my Polish recipes I inherited after my Gran, who by the way, was a professional cook.

But really, anything creative and fun to cook is perfect, but it ought to be easy on the eyes as well.24

We absolutely love animals and we believe that growing up around pets and being an animal owner makes tremendous difference to your life. We tend to make animal friends when traveling, we often feed strays and love visiting animal parks, taking safaris etc.

We helped an injured puppy in Petra (we arranged an animal ambulance); we rescued a stray labrador in Brazil (took it from the street literally and found help); we volunteered for the EVP Elephant Sanctuary in Cambodia and for the Springer Spaniel Charity here in the UK.


Also the one passion we both picked up after becoming home-owners is DIY. Creating your own home, filled with things we cherish (souvenirs) and beautiful stuff we picked up at different bargain places, seasonal sales, up-cycling sites; can hardly compare to any other feeling.  That is why these things are important and worth writing about!