Traveling is our drug of choice. So far we have visited 60 countries on 6 continents, nearly half of them during our Round the World Trip. We plan to travel to another 40 or 50 countries, however when, where and how keeps changing all the time!


Photo: B&T Travel Map 2005-2017

Photo: B&T Travel Map 2005-2017

We love to take road trips and the freedom they offer! We went around Scotland in a camper van, visited Queensland in Australia in a very comfortable 2-berth and rented a very funky camper that took us all around New Zealand. The very first 9 months of our BIG trip we traveled only overland.


Photo: Our funky camper in New Zealand

However we did take a fair share of flights in our lives together as well!

Photo: Flight list 2005-2017

Photo: Flight list 2005-2017 – apparently we have done 168,720 miles which is an equivalent of traveling 6.8x around Earth!

We just love ancient civilisations and historic places. You will probably find that we would blog about these with most fondness. From Pyramids of Giza, caves of Petra and stone Circle of Stonehenge, through Asian jewels like Angkor Wat, Forbidden City and Taj Mahal to Mayan and Inca ruins – we love them all!

“What are the best countries you visited?” – as you can imagine it is the question everybody keeps asking us!!! It is very hard to decide, once you’ve seen so many. There are also different things for which one can love the experience of visiting a country. So below, we have compiled ‘our list’, based on different criteria.

In no particular order our Top Places we travelled to are:

  • For the most authentic experience – BURMA/ Myanmar (note: visited in 2012 before it became a semi-democratic country)
  • For the most surprising experience – Siberia and of course the Trans-Siberian Train journey
  • For the most pristine island hopping experience – the Philippines
  • For the culture experience – Colombia, all over (we just loved it!)
  • For the best backpacking experience – Sulawesi and Togian Islands in Indonesia
  • For the best wildlife experience – South Africa
  • For the most incomparable experience – Rajasthan, India
  • For the most annoying experience – China (sorry)
  • For the best snorkel experience – Derawan, Indonesia

Do we dream of going to some places? Hell, yes. We would love to visit Papua New Guinea, Madagascar, take a road trip via Route 66 in US and go around Canada.