Who we are


Hi and Welcome!23

We are Beata and Tom, and this is our little blog site. I write and Tom is the one who takes these amazing pictures you can see in the gallery and my posts. 

We are originally from Poland, the South-East, to be precise. Currently we live in the beautiful county of Surrey, England and have been here since 2007. Why the move? Why not! We always have been strong believers in taking chances and so far every bold decision we made paid off.

1One of these rare opportunities for instance, was my 9 month-long business internship in Rajasthan, India. Believe it or not but this was my first long-term travel outside of Europe (note: we would recommend to any travel beginners, let’s say, less overwhelming place to start with). What a school of life that was!!! Even though I spent my first night crying my eyes out (to call it a cultural shock would have been an understatement), I quickly managed to find some great friends and for the first time felt at home…. abroad!

I think it was India that made us addicted to travel. We just didn’t know it yet. When we finally started our life together here in the UK, we got to know some people who had travelled the world extensively and already back then we decided to go Round The World. And we did, 4 years later!!!

In September 2011, we quit our jobs, rented out house and embarked on the trip of our lives and never really looked back. We went east and came back from the west. In the 26 countries we travelled through, we felt at home! Our adventure lasted 583 days = 1 year, 7 months and 5 days. That means 83 weeks/ 13,992 hours/ 839,520 minutes/ 50,371,200 seconds of LIVING THE DREAM!!!

24We have traveled a lot since then, but we also discovered and perfected other hobbies that keep us busy. I love cooking, inspired by all of our international travels; Tom loves DIY and wood work and we are both into re-cycling, up-cycling and bringing old stuff back to life.

We also decided to go vegan…oooo… yes, we said it! Being vegan has this stigma about it but we do love our new lifestyle and the food cooking as we discovered a whole new way of eating! It’s also our small life journey 🙂  

So this website is not just about travels, neither about cooking or photography. It is about passions, hobbies and feeling great at home, wherever that home might be!!!

Thanks for visiting!

B & T